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Industry Insights From AICPA Health Care Entities Expert Panel Member

Brian Pavona, a member of the AICPA Health Care Entities Expert Panel, reflects on his exciting and resilient 20+ year career in healthcare.
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When Brian Pavona entered the public accounting profession over 20 years ago, a mentor suggested he focus on healthcare. The reasons behind this advice were two-fold:

  • Given the nature of the industry, healthcare would always be here, always evolve with technology and an aging population, and always offer an exciting and secure career as a result.
  • The people who work in healthcare stand out among other industries in their resiliency to address significant challenges, partner for success, become natural leaders, and have fun along the way.

This year, as Brian was appointed to the AICPA’s Health Care Entities Expert Panel, he reflected on and can confirm the advice was (and remains) true.

Consider the last three years. First, we worked together to battle a pandemic and waded through the myriad of government regulations and reporting that came with the resources that helped us get through it. Then, when there was light at the end of the tunnel in terms of COVID-19, we were hit with the worst operating year ever–seeing higher turnover, higher inflation, and stagnated reimbursement.1 And the challenges in 2023 were greater than ever.

At the same time, the industry is still here, still strong, still evolving, and still exciting.

As an auditor, Brian understands it has never been more important to provide insights and responsiveness to the valued healthcare clients of FORVIS and to work together as ONE FORVIS to deliver on our commitments to you. Brian has never been happier to be part of FORVIS, with over 1,030 professionals dedicated to the healthcare industry.

Having colleagues and friends throughout FORVIS to help with margin improvement, cybersecurity and privacy, 340B pharmacy benefits, tax credits, regulatory and reimbursement opportunities, process and control improvements and more, has been critical to delivering on our commitment of an Unmatched Client Experience®.

As we continue to challenge ourselves to bring the best insights at the most appropriate times, we offer this–our inaugural audit and accounting newsletter. Brian joins his colleagues throughout the firm in looking forward to using the contents within to spark additional conversations with our clients and their boards, and to deliver additional value to you.

  • 1"Hospitals Faced 'Worst Operating Year' Ever in 2022," Becker Hospital Review, April 7, 2023.

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