CFR Benchmarking IDD & Behavioral Health

CFR Benchmarking: IDD & Behavioral Health

FORVIS’ benchmarking tool can help your IDD and behavioral health organization increase efficiency and gain actionable insights.

Empower Your Organization to Thrive Financially & Support Your Mission

In the intellectual or developmental disabilities (IDD) and behavioral health space, pressure for leaders to address changing reimbursement models, drive efficiencies, and maintain program services is high. Lack of available technology and access to information inhibits these organizations from reaching their full potential. With our benchmarking tool, you can empower your organization to thrive financially while continuing to support your mission.

Advantages & Capabilities

  • Gain actionable insights from interactive analytic dashboards with drill-down capabilities from the state of New York’s Consolidated Fiscal Report data
  • Benchmark your organization’s key performance indicators to similar organizations in your area easily and concisely
  • Better leverage operations to help enhance future rate calculations and maintain a forward-looking strategy
  • Help increase efficiency and save time with an easy-to-navigate interface and accessible visualizations all in one place

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