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Denials Management Monitoring

Denials Performance Through Data Analytics in Healthcare

Our Denials Management Monitoring tool can help reduce revenue loss and collection re-work costs from insurance denials. The platform provides actionable data that allows for root cause analysis and an effective denials prevention strategy.

In our experience, organizations frequently have initial claim denial rates of 10% or more. Re-work expenses from preventable denials are costly, and write-offs associated with denied claims can cost an organization 3% or more of its annual net revenue, significantly impacting the ability to reinvest in patient care. Do you know your organization’s denial rate?

It is critical to address denials proactively. Our reporting and measurement tools help organizations understand their denials performance, write off expenses, establish a data-informed prevention strategy, and get started quickly with a versatile, agile tool.

Know How Much Revenue Is Lost to Denial Write-Offs

The reports and dashboards in Denials Management Monitoring can help organizations understand the dollar value impact denied claims and write-offs have on their bottom line.

The Denials Scorecard provides top-line metrics at a glance, charting performance relative to set goals, and helps organizations move in the right direction!

Turn Denials Data into a Prevention Strategy

The data model ingests unstructured data and provides actionable dashboards and data visualizations that help organizations drill down into denials, exposing the root causes of both preventable and non-preventable denied claims.

This tool can help identify trends and determine if denials performance is improving or worsening. With these insights, an organization’s denials prevention strategy can focus on the greatest opportunity areas.

Quickly Get Started with Our Focused Tool

Our efficient tool is system-agnostic and a healthcare organization that bills electronically can get up and running in as little as four weeks.

Denials Management Monitoring focuses on denial prevention and analytics, allowing for much quicker onboarding and lower maintenance requirements, unlike other competing denials workflow-focused solutions.


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