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Program Economic Analysis: Improving Financial Health Through Data Analytics in Higher Education

FORVIS’ Program Economic Analysis allows you to visualize your data and gain insight into which programs are making money and which aren’t, which can result in significant savings.

Has your university ever tried to analyze your program economics? This can be challenging for most learning institutions, but it doesn’t need to be. FORVIS makes it easy, pairing decades of industry experience with our digital solution—Program Economic Analysis (PEA).

A lack of confidence in your data can lead to poor program investments that hinder your institution’s ability to remain viable in this competitive landscape. We can help guide you through data collection, implementation, and analysis so you can make strategic, data-informed decisions that can help create efficiencies in your academic portfolio to balance program offerings.

We’ve helped many schools examine the economics of their academic programs and create an environment that encourages strategic thinking, facilitate communication, and assist with resource allocation and decision making.

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Shift the Conversation

Shift the conversation in leadership meetings with powerful features and insights:

  • Interactive Dashboards
  • Program & Course Economics/Margin Analysis
  • Academic Demand
  • Tuition Discount Details
  • Trends & Forecasts
  • Benchmarking Program Economics with Peer Institutions
Forecasting Department Ranking Margin
PEA visualizations A

Gain Confidence in Your Data

We have experience guiding many institutions through the process of extracting and structuring their data. Our higher education professionals can help guide you through the data gathering process to build a solid foundation for your PEA dashboards, allowing you and your stakeholders to be confident in the insights gained with PEA.

Invest in the Right Programs

The reports and dashboards in PEA can help your institution understand which programs are making money and which are not. This can help uncover misalignment of budgets and outcomes, allowing you to strategically and impactfully invest your institution's dollars.

Our Quadrant View dashboard highlights programs with low enrollment and margins, and is only one of many valuable reports that can help you take a data-informed approach to decision making.

PEA visualizations B
PEA visualizations C

Maintain Financial Stability

Higher education continues to face rapid change and growing competition, but financial sustainability can be achieved by taking proactive measures. PEA can help equip you to make crucial decisions by giving you insights that allow you to refine class sizes, course frequency, mix of on-campus and virtual offerings, and other operational efficiencies that can lead to an economically effective program portfolio.


Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology (OSUIT)

FORVIS’ Program Economic Analysis has been a game changer in getting our university’s leadership involved, improving efficiencies, and solving financial issues—and the process has been a morale booster to the rest of the campus. Going through this analysis has made us more of a team, and we are each doing what we can to make the institution a place where we can thrive."

Jim Smith, Vice President of Fiscal Services
Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology
Okmulgee, Oklahoma

Analyzing Your Program Economics: Lessons from Leaders

Nov 14, 2022 – 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.
Central time

Join us for this panel discussion with higher education leaders as they share the experiences and challenges of analyzing their institution’s academic program economics.

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Client Experience Stories

George Fox University, Newberg, Oregon

There has clearly been a financial benefit to the engagement [with FORVIS] and having access to the PEA tool. It is amazing when people can actually see things and reason over the same set of facts."

Tyler Susmilch, Executive Director – Analytics & Data


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