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Every day, healthcare leaders across the industry wrestle with how to grow their enterprises, serve their patients and families, add value to their communities, and align the many important stakeholders in the care delivery system. These decisions become even more challenging with the evolving nature of the healthcare regulatory, payment, and care delivery environment. With the revolutionary changes to the workforce brought on by the pandemic and the emerging demand to reimagine the future of work, leaders clearly have a daunting task. 

FORVIS’ professionals collaborate with clients to help tackle these challenges and build informed pathways that inspire confidence for the hard work and leadership that healthcare transformation requires. 

FORVIS has been a longtime leader in helping facilitate the dialogue, reflection, and prioritization that strategic planning requires for healthcare providers across the care continuum. We are honored to walk alongside our clients, helping provide tangible support in driving mission, vision, and value while offering leading-edge guidance related to strategic objectives and initiatives.  

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Enterprise Strategic Planning

The disruption associated with the COVID-19 health and financial crisis is challenging the healthcare industry in an unprecedented fashion, and the impact of this pandemic will likely linger for years to come. Never has an organization’s ability to thoughtfully develop and skillfully execute its strategic plan been more critical to long-term growth, economic sustainability, and value-based care delivery. 

FORVIS helps our clients facilitate the strategic planning process by coordinating the participation of stakeholders at all levels to help organizations develop strategic direction, explore untapped market opportunities, improve operational efficiencies, and enhance organizational structure, brand, and positioning. Our proven, customizable, and proprietary approach to strategic planning helps guide clients through the types of transformational thinking required in today’s healthcare environment, and we’ve added a module specifically designed to allow organizations to capture COVID-19 lessons learned as part of our dynamic and engaging strategic planning process.

Mergers, Acquisitions, Affiliations, & Partnerships

Health systems, hospitals, physicians, post-acute providers, and other provider organizations are constantly evaluating their network design and service line strategies to effectively grow and compete in the changing healthcare landscape. Today’s complex healthcare environment is forcing organizations to evaluate regionalization, partnerships, affiliations, and consolidations to improve their overall performance.    

Enabling strategic growth requires a professional who understands your strategy and culture and can assist you in developing the right structure to better integrate and operationalize your alignment strategy through mergers, acquisitions, affiliations, or partnerships. 

Organizational Health

Stretched organizational designs, unprecedented burnout and turnover, hybrid workforces, and a growing mental health crisis—these are just a few of the organizational health challenges facing today’s business leaders. Addressing these challenges is made even more difficult with the ever-escalating cost of healthcare benefits and the ever-increasing complexity of the healthcare workforce. 

FORVIS organizational health professionals can help healthcare leaders address these challenges with holistic solutions for measuring, planning, designing, and executing integrated strategies for workforce engagement, sustainability, and expense management. 

Alternative Payment Models

Those in the healthcare industry are impacted by one or more alternative payment models (APM). Widely viewed as the primary tool for driving down costs, improving quality, and providing the funding mechanisms for long-term population health objectives, creating a unique strategy for success in the APM domain has never been more challenging or essential. 

FORVIS’ APM solutions are uniquely designed for organizations looking for the deep insight, applied analytics, tangible creativity, and practical discipline to help guide their journey from a participant in a voluntary or mandatory program to a fully functioning population health organization. 

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