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FORVIS advances 65 new partners, principals, and managing directors

News Release // May 15, 2023

FORVIS is pleased to announce the election of 40 new partners and principals, as well as the promotion of 25 new managing directors, effective June 1.

This is the first class of partners and managing directors elected by the firm, which was formed by the merger of equals of BKD and DHG effective June 1, 2022.

“Just as our first anniversary as FORVIS is an important milestone on the way to even greater success, so too, are these promotions a milestone for our leaders,” said CEO Tom Watson. “I know this group stands ready to make a further impact on the firm for years to come, and their best successes are ahead of them. They will lead by example, mentor others, and continue to dedicate the energy and passion necessary to grow our firm so we maintain our forward vision and incredible momentum.”

Those who are advancing include:


  • Jesse Alford, Jackson, Mississippi
  • Tyler Baity, Winston-Salem, North Carolina
  • Jeff Bodkin, Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Tyler Boss, Wichita, Kansas
  • Matt Brown, Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Stephanie Carper, Fort Wayne, Indiana
  • John Chennoor, Tysons, Virginia
  • Rob Cherry, Tysons, Virginia
  • Kara Cramer, Kansas City, Missouri
  • Krystal Creach, Springfield, Missouri
  • Steven Cunningham, Houston, Texas
  • Kate Desai, Tysons, Virginia
  • Sid Dill, Evansville, Indiana
  • Nathan Fitzgerald, Springfield, Missouri
  • Eric Flueckiger, Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Melissa Gibbons, Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Andrew Hejtmanek, Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • John Hemmer, Omaha, Nebraska
  • Ryan Kelly, St. Louis, Missouri
  • Alissa Klein, Kansas City, Missouri
  • Kevin Leggio, Kansas City, Missouri
  • Megan Miller, Fort Worth, Texas
  • Mariah Nielsen, Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Rachel Ormsby, Dallas, Texas
  • Nickie Redick, Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Mary Reiser, Denver, Colorado
  • Jeff Roberts, Springfield, Missouri
  • Stephanie Rocco, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Jamie Scheffe, Houston, Texas
  • Brandy Shy, St. Louis, Missouri
  • George Simon, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  • Matthew Smith, Louisville, Kentucky
  • Megan Stern, Chicago, Illinois
  • Ryan Swope, Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Tara Thomas, Nashville, Tennessee
  • Daniel Waninger, Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Michael Westerfield, Little Rock, Arkansas
  • Jennifer Williams, Louisville, Kentucky
  • Ling Zhang, Tysons, Virginia
  • Danielle Zimmerman, Dallas, Texas


Managing Director

  • Megan Adams, Wichita, Kansas
  • Ricky Brough, Fort Wayne, Indiana
  • Tammy Carter, Louisville, Kentucky
  • Sarah Charles, FORVIS Wealth Advisors, Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Rhonda Christopher, FORVIS Wealth Advisors, Springfield, Missouri
  • Gretchen Cliburn, FORVIS Wealth Advisors, Springfield, Missouri
  • Casey Cockrum, Wichita, Kansas
  • Jason Corson, FORVIS Capital Advisors, Springfield, Missouri
  • John Gamble, Springfield, Missouri
  • Kim Grieves, Dallas, Texas
  • Matt Haase, Wichita, Kansas
  • Tom Haldiman, Kansas City, Missouri
  • Jason Hamilton, Des Moines, Iowa
  • Tom Hauck, Toledo, Ohio
  • Rachel Huenefeldt, Kansas City, Missouri
  • Tim Klassen, Springfield, Missouri
  • Bill Laird, FORVIS Wealth Advisors, Jacksonville, Florida
  • Kimberly Marshall, Chicago, Illinois
  • Kevin Rash, Springfield, Missouri
  • Allison Swaters, Kansas City, Missouri
  • Christine Thomas, Atlanta, Georgia
  • Tommy Varnell, Atlanta, Georgia
  • William Weatherford, Chicago, Illinois
  • Mark Weitekamp, St. Louis, Missouri
  • Tricia Yount, Charleston, South Carolina

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