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FORVIS begins serving clients as newest top 10 public accounting firm

News Release // 06-01-2022

FORVIS formally takes its place among the nation’s top 10 public accounting firms today, offering comprehensive assurance, tax, advisory and wealth management services.

“Today is a monumental day as BKD and DHG officially join forces and become FORVIS,” said Tom Watson, FORVIS CEO and former CEO of BKD. “This firm will be truly committed to the meaningful growth of our employees’ careers and ultimate success of our clients. Together, our combined teams will be significantly stronger, empowered by an enhanced focus on the future.”

The FORVIS name represents the forward vision of the more than 5,400 partners and team members who have come together, forming a firm with a combined $1.4 billion in revenue with offices across the United States and internationally. The firm will be ranked among the Top 10 nationally by Fiscal Year 2021 revenue and will be poised for further growth as it focuses on offering expanded advisory services and highly specialized industry intelligence that supplement the firm’s tax and assurance services.

“We’ve always believed there’s a real opportunity for a different kind of professional services firm on the national stage—one that is defined by a high-touch approach to the client experience but is backed by robust resources that fuel a commitment to innovation and problem solving,” said Matt Snow, FORVIS chair and former CEO of DHG.

Snow said the FORVIS team will be laser focused on maintaining the high Net Promoter® Scores that characterized both legacy firms’ client-centered cultures. One key to doing so will be ensuring FORVIS teams remain nimble as they respond to client needs and market changes.

“At every step of our integration process, we’re asking ourselves two questions: ‘Will this drive client service?’ and ‘Will this enable us to maintain our nimbleness?’,” Watson said. “We believe if we can do those two things, then we will be able to truly succeed and differentiate ourselves from the rest of the Top 10.”

Expansion into new geographic markets, finding even more ways to serve client’s global needs, launching new service offerings and innovative resources for clients, and creating a highly attractive employee value proposition are also high priorities. The results in each area will be driven by a commitment to being bold and embracing change. Snow points to the decision to create an entirely new name for the new firm as just the first example.

“No other firm in the Top 20 has done that,” said Snow. “With each step we take, we will strive to stand out in this profession."

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