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FORVIS introduces “cultural DNA” that will drive its forward vision

News Release // 12-06-2022

FORVIS™ has unveiled new purpose, mission, and vision statements as well as its Unmatched Client ExperienceTM  standards as the “cultural DNA” that will drive its forward vision.

The new cultural framework is a significant milestone for FORVIS, which was created in June from the merger of equals of BKD and DHG, in one of the most significant M&A moves in the accounting industry in recent years. Both legacy firms were built on well-defined and deeply rooted cultures that team members frequently noted as a source of pride, and these new statements will carry this heritage forward in FORVIS.

“Codifying the culture of our firm is essential to defining who we are, how we will be known, and what makes FORVIS unique,” said CEO Tom Watson. “It gives us a shared blueprint for how we go about our work, and clearly signals to clients what they can expect from us.”

The statements—which were crafted over the course of several months with extensive employee and leadership input—also include a set of “values in action” called “The FORVIS Way.” These are the behaviors that underpin the firm’s approach to deliver an Unmatched Client Experience.

The purpose, mission and vision statements reflect a deep commitment to serving the firm’s people, clients, and communities.

“As a team, we’re passionate about our cultural values being more than just words,” said Chairman Matt Snow. “The FORVIS DNA is the foundation that will help define our legacy and is how we show up every day to make a difference for those we serve. By exemplifying these values, we will stand out as uniquely FORVIS.”


Purpose: To help those we serve unlock their full potential.

Mission: To build remarkable careers and provide an Unmatched Client Experience through an uncommon commitment to excellence.

Vision: Our FORWARD VISION is to be known for creating engaging opportunities, delivering innovative solutions, and building unrivaled relationships.

Core Values: The FORVIS Way in Action – BE BOLD

  • Be your best self
  • Excel always
  • Be builders
  • Operate as ONE FORVIS
  • Lead with integrity
  • Deliver an Unmatched Client Experience
    • Listen to understand
    • Be responsive
    • Consult with purpose to deliver value

“Not created in a vacuum”

One of the key aspects of The FORVIS Way is to deliver an Unmatched Client Experience. In the spring, the firm will publish a book for its people and clients that further delves into this important topic. The book will illustrate the firm’s approach to client service via oral histories and lessons learned through years of experience in the marketplace.

“Culture is not created in a vacuum,” Watson said. “We took a very intentional and introspective approach to crafting these statements. They are not only true to who we are today, but also will serve as guideposts as we build upon our nearly 100-year legacy. We are excited to launch these statements now, knowing that the true value of our culture lies in how we bring it to life every day as we move forward.”

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