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Salesforce Summer ’22 Highlights: Person Account & Permission Set Updates

With so many Salesforce Summer ’22 release updates, it’s hard to take them all in. Read on as we highlight Person Accounts and permission sets.
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Salesforce has three big releases each year: Spring, Summer, and Winter. Releases are popular for both Salesforce admins and developers, as well as users who get to experience the updates firsthand. Below, we’ve outlined two updates from the Salesforce Summer ’22 release you can start to take advantage of today.

Enable Person Accounts Without Contacting Salesforce Support

Salesforce now offers a guided setup to self-enable Person Accounts. Before, you had to contact Salesforce Support to enable Person Accounts.

Person Accounts store information by combining certain account and contact fields into one record. This record type can be useful for organizations needing to track business-to-consumer (B2C) relationships. It also can be helpful when converting leads. Lead records can convert directly into a Person Account when the person doesn’t have a company with which to be associated.

Proceed with caution. Once Person Accounts are enabled, they cannot be disabled fully.

Salesforce Person Account

Tip: Review the considerations for using Person Accounts. Then try the Person Account setup wizard in a sandbox to test the features and preview how the changes may affect your Salesforce CRM.

Permission Set Expiration Is Now Out of Beta

Salesforce admins can expire assignments of permission sets and permission set groups. This feature is now out of beta testing.

Set Expiration Date

Assigning a permission set or permission set group to users for a defined amount of time can be helpful for specific projects, when team members are covering for someone on leave, or during other similar circumstances.

Also, the User Access and Permissions Assistant app can be used to create permission sets and manage permission set groups.

If you’d like help reviewing Person Accounts or permission sets or have any other Salesforce questions, we can assist. The Business Technology Solutions team at FORVIS has certified experience in Salesforce systems. Use the Contact Us form below to ask a question or request a demo.

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