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New Name, Same Great Service: BKD & DHG Are Now FORVIS

Following the merger of BKD and DHG on June 1, healthcare clients can expect the same top-notch client service from professionals at FORVIS—and more.
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To our clients across the nation and around the globe, we are proud and excited to introduce you to FORVIS, our new firm built on the legacies of BKD and DHG. While our name has changed, the value-added options and top-notch client service you’ve come to expect from our respective firms will not change. We are made up of the same professionals you’ve come to know, but with new resources at our back and an expanded team that is excited to get to work.

On June 1, 2022, when BKD and DHG merged as equals, our Healthcare Practice got even better. By joining forces, we are better positioned to assist our clients in reaching their goals with new depths of experience and a greater breadth of knowledge among our professionals. We believe our firm’s new synergies will help us tackle an even greater cross section of need within the healthcare industry so your organization can forge a clearer and brighter future.


How It Began

To best serve the aspirations of our clients, we wanted to be able to offer more—more knowledge, more service options, and the ability to support more meaningful growth. But when the opportunity arose to combine our two firms, we knew we could only unite if our visions aligned.

Even from our preliminary discussions, it was clear that the cultures and values at BKD and DHG were in sync. If done right, we knew a merger would allow us to not only expand upon but strengthen the services we had established as separate firms. In this instance, we believe that our firms are stronger together than we are apart. Sometimes, one plus one equals more than two.

Together, we have expanded and strengthened our value-added services, and in the areas we wanted to improve, the other firm had the experience we sought. Our firms complemented each other in such a way that a merger would allow us to confidently offer more streamlined, fully customized, end-to-end services to our clients. And by merging our workforce, we knew we’d have the professionals we’d need to follow through.


FORVIS—a combination of the words FORward and VISion—was the chosen moniker for our new firm because it reflects how we see our business moving forward. CEO Tom Watson said that “to lead in this environment, businesses need to anticipate and prepare for what comes next.” FORVIS can help prepare you for changes in your industry while simultaneously helping you grow your enterprise, improve your operations, and add value in your local communities.

From our merger, FORVIS is pleased to be a nationally recognized top 10 public accounting firm. We can provide you and your team with high-quality advisory, assurance, and tax services. These high-quality services are driven by each firm’s long history of industry focus. As a combined firm, our focus enables us to develop the market-leading perspectives and innovative services that are part of our aim to provide Unmatched Client Experiences. A prime example of this focus is the healthcare industry.

What You Can Expect from FORVIS & Our Healthcare Practice

FORVIS seeks to be the professional services firm of choice for providers across the healthcare industry.

If you have been working with us for a while, we want you to know that when it comes to our values, work ethic, and attention to detail, you can expect the same as you received before—and more. But with nearly 1,000 professionals now dedicated to serving you under FORVIS’ Healthcare Practice umbrella, our team has the knowledge and experience to provide thoughtful, end-to-end services for our healthcare clients.

By tapping into our combined experience, and by taking advantage of our firm’s resources and agility, we can:

  • Hear your concerns from an additional perspective
  • Brainstorm creative and personalized service line solutions
  • Efficiently address problems unique to you
  • Apply new software, tools, and other technological remedies to your sticking points
  • Educate your team on emerging issues
  • Quickly pivot strategies when you (or your environment) shift course

Our teams will be led by more than 175 skilled partners and principals who are dedicated to and honored to serve healthcare providers across the nation. These national thought leaders have the experience to know when to step back and consider the industry as a whole, and when to have a more nuanced approach and address concerns that are unique to your subindustry or sector. It is our ability to draw on talents from both firms that provides us with the resources and solutions you need, when you need them.

Our Commitment to You

FORVIS will continue to provide the same high-quality services and Unmatched Client Experiences that you’ve come to expect. But thanks to our merger of equals, we can now help you with so much more.

We want to work with you. We believe FORVIS can help you prepare for what’s ahead so when it arrives, you don’t merely survive—you thrive.

Reach out to us today by contacting a professional at FORVIS or submitting the Contact Us form below. Your local market leader can learn more about your organization’s needs and establish a plan to help realize the opportunities that lie ahead.

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