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Solver Simplified Pricing Update

Solver simplified its pricing and offers enhanced functionality. See what’s changing with the Solver Suite corporate performance management solution.
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At the annual 2023 Ascend conference in San Diego, Solver announced important and beneficial changes to the Solver Suite. These changes include product changes, as well as price changes. All Solver Cloud customers are affected.

Simplified Pricing

Beginning in August 2023, Solver simplified its pricing from 15 item codes to five for new customers. Previously, Solver customers bought functionality and user licenses from a list of options. With reporting as the core functionality, customers could add items such as Planning, Workflow, and Publisher.

Here’s What’s Changed

Now there are two types of user licenses:

  • Users – $100/user/month
  • Viewers – $8/user/month

The user license functionality is controlled by security. Users can be granted security to use any or all of these items: report designer, run reports, and input templates. Viewer licenses are for people who will either log in to Solver to view archived reports or be email recipients of published reports.

FunctionalityLicense Type
Create and modify templatesUser
Run or enter data in reports and input templatesUser
View archived reports onlyViewer
Recipient of published reportsUser or Viewer

In addition to user licenses, here are the other pricing considerations:

Additional Tenants$200/Tenant/Month
Additional 30GB$200/30GB/Month
API TransactionsTBD

What About Other Functionality?

With the advent of simplified pricing, Solver will be adding all available functionality to the cloud tenants.

Want to use Power BI with Solver? The connector now is in your tenant.

Want to publish reports? Use the included Publisher functionality.

Need to start using Solver for budgeting? The Planning functionality is included.

Other than the items mentioned in the first section, all other functionality is included in your cloud subscription.

In addition, as of August 26, 2023, all existing Solver Cloud customers will automatically receive all other functionality included in the cloud subscription. That won’t include Additional Tenants, Additional 30GB, or API Transactions not already licensed.

Here’s a table showing the changes.

Power UserUser
Designer UserUser
Live UserUser
Archive UserViewer
Planning ModuleIncluded
Planning WorkflowIncluded
Report PublisherIncluded
Additional CompaniesIncluded
Advanced ConsolidationIncluded
Additional Data ModulesIncluded
Additional TenantsAdditional Tenants
Additional Data Storage 10GBAdditional 30GB
Integrations – ConnectorsIncluded
Integrations – Hybrid CloudIncluded
Academy UsersIncluded for Each User (Not Viewer)

What’s Next?

With access to Solver’s full suite of functionality, think about how you can use Solver for more reporting and planning across the enterprise.

The Insights & Automation team at FORVIS can help you implement this new functionality and create new templates. For more information on Solver, reach out to a professional at FORVIS or use the Contact Us form below.

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