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Academic Medical Centers & Teaching Hospitals

Assurance, tax, and consulting services for academic medical centers and teaching hospitals.

Auditor for healthcare and higher education institutions nationwide*


Healthcare management consulting firm**


Healthcare Practice Net Promoter Score, compared with 38 U.S. average

FORVIS knows academic medical centers and teaching hospitals.

FORVIS understands that leaders of medical institutions often face several pain points due to the complexity of managing an academic institution, healthcare facilities, and physician practice plans. These challenges include:

  • Financial Pressures & Regulatory Compliance
  • Recruitment & Retention of Talent
  • Research Advancement & Funding
  • Patient Care Quality & Safety
  • Interdisciplinary Collaboration & Technology Integration
  • Community Engagement, as well as Reputation & Credibility Management
  • Increasing Shift From Volume to Quality & Value-Based Reimbursement

Your dedicated FORVIS team brings the skills, experience, and transformational agility to help you overcome these obstacles that stand between current and future states. Just as you're committed to excellence, we're dedicated to providing an Unmatched Client Experience® through an uncommon commitment to excellence. That's how we can help you drive care forward.

* According to OMB data via the Federal Audit Clearinghouse based on HHS CFDAs. 

** According to data provided for Modern Healthcare's Largest Management Consulting Firms Survey of prior year.

How FORVIS Can Help You

Graduate Medical Education
System, operational, and strategy services to help grow GME programs and enhance reimbursement.
Time Study
Improve compliance & reimbursement by measuring physician & staff administrative time.
Compliance, co-sourcing, program development, and enhancement services for your 340 Drug Pricing Program.

With an audit from FORVIS, you can trust in our understanding of your organization's unique clinical, financial, and operational risk environment. Our dedication to quality accounting and financial reporting can help you maintain your institution's reputation and credibility. We can help you with:

  • Financial Statement Audit
  • Single Audit
  • Program-Specific Audit
  • Employee Benefit Plan Audit
  • Standards Implementation Consulting & Assistance
  • Accounting Outsourcing
  • Other Assurance & Compliance Needs
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At FORVIS, our healthcare tax team has an innate understanding of our clients' businesses. We can help identify industry-specific tax opportunities and address operational impacts for nonprofit and for-profit providers.

Our healthcare tax team can assist with:

  • Tax Strategy: Helping identify tax opportunities and align tax strategies with organizational goals
  • Tax Compliance: Performing tax-exempt risk assessments as well as preparing and reviewing for-profit and nonprofit tax returns
  • Tax Vision: Understanding and implementing important tax reform provisions
  • Tax Consulting: Completing cost segregation studies and helping organizations obtain WOTC, ERC, R&D Tax Credits, New Markets Tax Credits, and more
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FORVIS wants to help you drive your organization forward with momentum. Through resilience building, transition preparation, and operational excellence, FORVIS' consulting team can help you accelerate your path with our innovative service offerings:

  • Regulatory Compliance & Reimbursement
  • Healthcare Analytics 
  • Internal Audit & Risk Advisory
  • IT Risk & Compliance, Including Cybersecurity Risk Gap Analysis
  • Margin Improvement
  • Strategy & Finance
  • Transaction Advisory Due Diligence & Business Combination Valuation
  • ESG & Climate Risk
  • Forensics & Valuation
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