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Rural Health

Assurance, tax, and consulting services for rural health providers.

Our team of trusted advisors is solely dedicated to serving rural health providers across the country

Through our support of the National Rural Health Association and state hospital assoiciations, FORVIS advocates for rural health policy and legislation on issues facing rural America

Our 92% Net Promotor Score® is a testament of the Unmatched Client Experiences® FORVIS delivers

FORVIS knows rural health.

The post-pandemic financial stress on rural healthcare providers is daunting and ultimately affects the financial health of the communities they serve. With numerous rural hospital closures and one in three hospitals facing financial risk throughout the country, it’s essential for rural healthcare providers to monitor the changing healthcare environment, improve patient outcomes, address workforce challenges, stay on top of shrinking margins, and manage expenses based on patient volumes.

FORVIS works with numerous healthcare providers across the country. Our experienced professionals help providers remain compliant, receive appropriate reimbursement, and operate efficiently. We assist: 

  • Critical Access Hospitals (CAH) 
  • Rural Referral Centers (RRC)
  • Rural Health Clinics (RHC)
  • Sole Community Hospitals (SCH)
  • Medicare-Dependent Hospitals (MDH)
  • Rural Community Hospital Demonstration (RCHD) Project Hospital
  • Rural Emergency Hospitals (REH)

Just as you're committed to excellence, we're dedicated to providing an Unmatched Client Experience® through an uncommon commitment to excellence. That's how we help you drive care forward.

How FORVIS Can Help You

NRP Provider-Based Services
Provider-based services assist providers in understanding the complex regulatory and reimbursement considerations related to provider-based status for physician practices, hospital outpatient departments, and rural health clinics.
Margin Improvement
We help healthcare organizations with denials management assessments, labor and non-labor assessments, contract management, and regulatory compliance. We also provide development and enhancement assistance for your 340B drug Pricing Program.
Time Study Tool
FORVIS helps healthcare organizations improve compliance and reimbursement by measuring physician and staff productivity to accurately and efficiently report time.

Knowledge of your rural health organization is more important than ever with the increasing complexity of financial reporting needs. Our auditors know rural health providers and the challenges you face. We know rural health isn’t just a smaller version of urban. You’re unique and we recognize that by combining nationally recognized experience with individualized support designed to help you operate with confidence. We can assist with your:

  • Financial Statement Audit
  • Single Audit
  • Program-Specific Audit
  • CARES ACT Compliance Audit
  • Employee Benefit Plan Audit
  • Accounting Outsourcing
  • Assurance & Compliance Needs
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FORVIS annually prepares thousands of tax returns for various types of businesses, trusts, and tax-exempt entities. Many of the tax returns FORVIS prepares are for rural healthcare providers like the ones listed above, so we know the issues impacting rural healthcare providers and how to navigate them. We also provide a variety of tax planning and advisory services.

  • Tax Strategy: Helping identify tax opportunities and align tax strategies with organized goals
  • Tax Compliance: Performing tax-exempt risk assessments as well as preparing and reviewing for-profit and nonprofit tax returns
  • Tax Vision: Understanding and implementing important tax reform provisions
  • Tax Consulting: Completing Schedule H reviews and strategic analysis, cost segregation studies and helping organizations obtain WOTC, ERC, R&D Tax Credit, New Markets Tax Credits, and more
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FORVIS wants to help you drive your organization forward with momentum. Through resilience building, transition preparation, and operational excellence, FORVIS' consulting team can help you accelerate your path with our service offerings:

  • Regulatory Compliance & Reimbursement
  • Margin Improvement
  • Finance & Strategy
  • Healthcare Analytics
  • Forensics & Evaluations
  • Internal Audit & Risk Advisory
  • IT Risk & Compliance
  • Transaction Advisory Services
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“The knowledge of FORVIS is untouched by any other organization. They have stepped up to the plate and walked in tandem with us. We needed an advisor—somebody who could advise us on how to better our organization, how to streamline and enhance our processes—and the relationship was key to picking that advisor.”
– Matt Heyn, Former CEO of Delta Health

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