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Physicians are the core of care delivery. As such, the support and dedication physicians receive should be at the core of their accounting, tax, and advisory firm. As physicians’ operations, compensation, incentives, and retention become more volatile, demanding, and complex, FORVIS’ dedicated physician enterprise services professionals stand ready to help.

FORVIS’ vast experience serving hospital-based physicians, independent practices, and private-equity stakeholders allows us to understand the challenges faced by physicians in today’s rapidly changing marketplace and provide tangible solutions to help address those challenges.


The FORVIS Healthcare Assurance team possesses the experience to navigate the increasing complexity of Physician Enterprise financial analysis and reporting, as well as meet your audit requirements. Our industry focused team understands the varying needs of the enterprise whether the organization seeks assistance with implementing new accounting standards, ongoing financial statement or employee benefit plan audits as well as Single Audits, which many Physician Enterprises are experiencing for the first time due to COVID related Provider Relief Funding. FORVIS experience in Physician Enterprise assurance services allows our assurance professionals to most effectively and efficiently navigate not only your financial reporting and audit need but also can provide additional services including accounting outsourcing functions.


FORVIS works with the physician enterprise to help address tax compliance and consulting needs for the practice, individual physicians, and real estate entities, as well as other organizations related to the enterprise. Our physician enterprise tax expertise and experience help us understand the needs of stakeholders, guide you through tax implications, and provide informed solutions and consultation for navigating the ongoing transformational shift occurring in today’s healthcare landscape.

FORVIS tax team members possess a unique blend of industry and tax knowledge that better enables us to navigate tax matters, such as practice succession and benefits, as well as Employee Retention Credit (ERC) opportunities. We believe our industry-focused tax practice helps us be the professionals you can depend on for exceptional client service.


FORVIS’ healthcare professionals want to help guide you along every step of your physician organization’s unique journey toward financial and operational excellence. We’ve designed our advisory solutions portfolio specifically for your practice’s complex business issues by combining informative analytics with deep technical resources and competencies that can help drive value and results.

FORVIS’ physician practice advisory services include:

Digital Solutions

The physician enterprise industry is flooded with data. However, data without context is neither valuable nor actionable.

FORVIS believes valuable data should be able to help you execute strategies and drive meaningful change. Our team strives to provide clients with the right information at the right time. We leverage our experience in data analysis to create powerful, technologically advanced data visualization products, models, and dashboards that can quickly and intuitively help users understand and analyze complex data sets. In addition, our tools and checklists include best practices that can be incorporated into daily operations.

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