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Capital Advisors, LLC—our investment banking arm—has approximately 150 years of combined experience helping company owners plan for and execute their growth and exit strategies. From managing the sale of a company or negotiating the acquisition of a competitor to raising debt and equity capital to help improve financial and operational flexibility, FORVIS Capital Advisors can help you develop a specific course of action for achieving your desired results.

Helping Create Value For Your Business

Capital Advisors, our investment banking arm, is dedicated to helping companies and stockholders enhance their value and meet their investment banking objectives. Our top-notch team of investment bankers, associates, and financial analysts has decades of experience helping company owners plan for and execute their growth and exit strategies.  

Company Sales & Divestitures

From first contact to closing

If you decide to sell your company, it’s critical to have an experienced advisor assist you. We focus on guiding companies through complex financial and strategic sales issues.

Our disciplined approach includes:

  • Analysis of the company and its industry
  • In-depth financial evaluation to identify the company’s value drivers
  • Carefully planned marketing designed to generate multiple buyers while maintaining confidentiality
  • Experience in structuring and negotiating transactions
  • Assistance with due diligence and the closing process

Debt & Equity Recapitalization

Chart the right course for your business

A recapitalization transaction can be attractive to owners who wish to sell an equity stake in their business while retaining some ownership and operating control or those who seek additional capital to accelerate growth.

This helps an owner:

  • Sell a majority or minority stake to a financial partner and retain an equity stake
  • Identify improvements or changes to potentially increase market value
  • Diversify personal wealth by investing proceeds of the sale while continuing to lead and grow the company
  • Mitigate exposure to financial risks and liabilities of ownership
  • Benefit from the company’s growth and profitability
  • Gain a strong, experienced financial partner to help chart and finance the strategic path for your business

Mergers and Acquisitions

Expanding Company Value

Expanding through a strategic merger or acquisition can be an excellent way to build company value. This action may provide considerable benefits, but the complexity involved in these transactions—including assessing potential risks, determining appropriate value and deal structure, and successfully negotiating a transaction through closing—can be overwhelming. 

FORVIS Capital Advisors, LLC works with you to understand your objectives and develop a comprehensive strategy to meet these goals. We strive to be a single-solution provider who can honestly assess your situation and help execute your strategy. We can help identify targets, create plans to initiate dialogue, perform preliminary valuation analyses, consider tax implications on deal structures, identify financing options, assist with due diligence, and facilitate the actual transaction closing.

Strategic Planning

Value you need while growing a business or pursuing liquidity options

FORVIS can help you develop a course of action to enhance your company’s value. Using our three-phase Strategic Options Analysis, we can help you assess your unique financial and strategic opportunities.

Phase I – Company-Specific Valuation Dynamics

FORVIS bases projections on key operating metrics and growth strategies, expected changes within the revenue mix and customer base, operating strategies and expenses, capital expenditures, and potential acquisitions. We'll evaluate several aspects of your company, including:

  • Historical and projected financial performance
  • Key operating metrics trends
  • Effects of those trends on revenue and expenses
  • Potential “recast” adjustments

Phase II – Market Dynamics

Our team will research relevant M&A activity and public company valuations to identify industry-specific value drivers and valuation approaches. We'll also help review various categories of potential buyers and their ability to accelerate the company’s growth and earnings.

Phase III – Strategic Option

After examining market dynamics, we will help estimate a market value range for your company. Working closely with the tax advisors at FORVIS, we'll use the range to complete an after-tax proceeds analysis. We'll also assess the pros and cons of your company’s liquidity and succession options.

FORVIS will help you review your options and understand the process for your chosen course of action, which could include pursuing multiple options. Use the form below to contact your nearest FORVIS Capital Advisors investment banker to discuss creating a plan and timeline for your business.

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