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Public Sector Advisory Services

Our public sector advisors offer a wide range of financial, operational, and risk advisory solutions tailored to the needs the public sector.

Find the public sector advisory expertise you need, all in one place.

Governmental entities are under the microscope more than ever before. With increasing demand for public services and the unpredictability of funding, remaining focused on the mission has never been more important. Navigating these and other issues effectively requires a combination of skills and knowledge that may not always be available in-house.

FORVIS’ Public Sector Advisory Services brings together the experience and insight to help you achieve your specific financial, operational, and risk management objectives. Our professionals are armed with relevant public sector experience, top-tier data analytics tools, and process knowledge to help you address the risks and challenges of trying to do more with less. Our solutions are specifically tailored to each client and can help you improve service delivery outcomes, comply with policy requirements, reduce costs, and address fraud, waste, and abuse.

The Reporting Solution

We understand the process to create and submit your Annual Comprehensive Financial Report (ACFR), budget, interim, and state financial reporting can be time-consuming and complex. The Reporting Solution is a web-based application that can help local governments streamline the preparation of annual reports through an efficient and simplified process.

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Financial Management Consulting

Transparency and accountability aren’t just buzzwords when it comes to delivering services to your stakeholders. As you respond to your constituents’ needs, you want actionable insight that can help you efficiently spend public funds and drive improvement. Our suite of financial management consulting services can help you.

Grants Management Services

FORVIS understands the challenges of maintaining grants management processes that are compliant with funding regulations. Our trusted advisors have extensive experience with end-to-end grants management and compliance services. Whether you’re new to the world of grants management or already have a system in place, we can help you create, broaden, or improve your process at every stage of the grant life cycle.

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Contract Vehicles

FORVIS is committed to helping our public sector clients meet increasing demands, focus on their mission, and serve the public while dealing with issues such as performance and accountability, risk management, and cybersecurity. To enhance the client service we provide to our federal clients, we proudly offer a wide array of accounting and advisory services--all accessible through a government-wide contracting vehicle for fast, easy, reliable access.

Cybersecurity & IT Risk

Are your defenses strong enough to withstand a cyberattack? We can help remedy weaknesses in your systems or respond to a breach if you've already been hit by hackers.

Operations Management Consulting

Implementing operational change, improving performance, and remaining compliant with a bevy of regulations can be a drain on your resources. Having a trusted advisor who can analyze your operations from multiple points of view can result in more efficient and effective operations. However, far too often a written report ends up sitting on the shelf rather than being a true road map for transformative change. Our approach to operational consulting is decidedly different.

Using performance measurement and data analytics techniques, FORVIS can help you develop practical management tools to provide insight into your organization’s performance. We can provide these solutions:

In addition to the above offerings, our advisors can craft assessment or planning services to align with your specific objectives.

California State Controller Reporting Services

We use proprietary software to create the City SCO report (California). Our software utilizes a database to consistently prepare reports from year to year. As a result, we can easily provide line item detail for any amount in the report, which is especially helpful during the review process.

Risk Management Consulting

Regardless of your agency’s mission, having a clear understanding of potential risk areas can help you make more informed decisions. While risk can be disruptive, it also can reveal opportunities. Our experienced professionals can help you manage risk by custom building your risk management program, setting strategies, and providing tools that can be applied consistently across your organization. We can provide these services:

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