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We know what you’re thinking—who really wants to listen to someone talk about taxes? You may not want to listen to an accounting or tax podcast, but we think you should.

Our Simply Tax® podcast cuts through the static of the tax world and doesn’t waste your time by needlessly tossing around 10-dollar terms and citing code sections. Host Damien Martin has a knack for boiling down complex issues for business professionals who need a trusted advisor to help strengthen their tax mind.

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Damien Martin

Damien is passionate about providing tax consulting and compliance services to privately held businesses and their owners. Born and raised in Northern California, he studied music as an undergrad before taking a hard turn toward a career in public accounting. It stuck, and he’s been helping clients resolve tax matters big and small for more than a decade. He and his wife, Charise, stay busy raising their twins, Miles and Lily, and training for marathons. You can follow Damien on Twitter, Instagram, or on LinkedIn.

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