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Marketing Automation Goals: Four to Set Today

Explore four simple marketing automation goals you can set right now to help align sales and marketing tactics and create new opportunities.
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The real value of marketing automation is the visibility it gives into the behaviors of your audience to drive revenue. Marketing automation can help you align sales and marketing tactics, support business growth, create new opportunities, and more. Below we’ll share four simple marketing automation goals you can set right now.

1. Increase Lead Generation

Lead generation is the act of gaining the interest of potential customers.

Through a variety of programs set up in your marketing automation system, you will be gathering data. This data should inform you about your audience’s interests. As a result of analyzing this data, you can determine better ways to reach them and explore new ways of gaining their attention.

With any marketing automation system, a top goal should be to generate more sales-qualified leads with your next marketing campaign based on which pieces of content attract the most leads.

2. Segment Your Audience

Ask yourself: How will I be able to target my audience if I don’t know much about them?

Your marketing automation system can capture an abundance of customer and potential customer data. As you gather data, there are several factors to pay attention to in each segment.

By bringing together information from touchpoints—including website visits and downloads, social media activity, and direct marketing—you can segment your audience and deliver meaningful, relevant content to them.

People are much more willing to respond to something if it is relevant to their interests. As one report states, 36% of ROI comes from segmented, targeted, and triggered campaigns.

3. Implement Lead Nurturing

Growing relationships with your potential customers is called lead nurturing. Listening to potential customers and answering their questions are critical parts of lead nurturing.

Set a goal from the start of your lead nurturing campaigns to answer questions—from common problems your product or service can solve to detailed explanations of how your product works. Always include a call to action to contact you for more information. When a potential customer contacts you, that warm lead or middle-of-the-funnel prospective customer becomes a hot one. This lead is interested in having a conversation with you! You’re now moments away from winning business.

4. Identify Who Is Actively Engaged

By setting this goal and analyzing your audiences’ behaviors, you are more likely to create effective content. When you see the types of content that perform best, you can push those efforts to the next level and convert more leads.

Birds of a feather flock together, as the saying goes. So, by watching your actively engaged customers and prospective customers, you can tailor your lead nurturing campaigns and likely convert marketing qualified leads into sales qualified leads.  

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