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CRM Dashboards: A Modern Fortune-Telling Tool

Discover how CRM dashboards can empower you to make informed decisions faster.
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Imagine having clear visibility into your sales pipeline, with critical information readily available at a glance—no crystal ball required. That’s the power of customer relationship management (CRM) dashboards: a game-changer for organizations of all sizes looking to expand pipeline visibility, streamline operations, and improve client satisfaction.

Why Are CRM Dashboards Important?

Think of a CRM dashboard as your mission control center. With it, you can gain an inclusive view of your leads, deals, and opportunities at every stage—and more. Here’s what CRM dashboards can provide:

  • Clear Pipeline Visibility: No more sifting through spreadsheets. A CRM dashboard can provide a detailed view of your sales pipeline. See how many leads are at each stage, their average value, and identify potential roadblocks before they stall your progress. This data visualization can empower you to prioritize effectively and make informed decisions.
  • Real-Time Updates: Unlike static reports, CRM dashboards are dynamic, constantly feeding you the latest information. This can help you make informed decisions faster and enable your team to adapt to changing situations with agility.
  • Information at Your Fingertips: CRM dashboards translate data sets into easy-to-understand visuals—charts, graphs, and numbers instead of text-heavy reports. This can help foster communication and collaboration among your teams. It’s almost like having a manager regularly updating the entire team with key client insights.

Salesforce Dashboards

There are a variety of preconfigured dashboards available in Salesforce AppExchange to cater to specific needs. Here are a few examples:

  • Sales Executive Dashboard: Track your team’s progress toward targets, assess individual performance, and identify areas for improvement. This dashboard can help you celebrate wins and make data-driven adjustments to align with your goals.
  • Service Executive Overview Dashboard: Happy clients may be your biggest asset. A service performance dashboard can help you to monitor key metrics like case resolution time and client satisfaction scores. This can empower you to proactively address client concerns and cultivate long-lasting relationships.
  • Marketing Executive Dashboard: Review campaign effectiveness and use your marketing spend accordingly. Track metrics like click-through rates, conversion rates, and campaign results to identify what’s working and what’s not.
  • Lead Flow Dashboard: Gain insights into how effectively you’re converting leads into paying clients. Identify bottlenecks in your lead nurturing process and adjust campaigns to help improve performance.
  • Executive Sponsor Key Metrics Dashboard: Provide leadership with a high-level snapshot of overall business performance. This dashboard offers insights across sales, service, marketing, and more, helping to keep executives informed.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Dashboards

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales also offers prebuilt dashboards designed to help empower teams. These include:

  • Sales Manager Summary Dashboard: Gain essential insights into team performance with this manager-focused dashboard. Key components include:
    • Sales Pipeline Visualization: See open opportunities across different stages at a glance.
    • Deals Won vs. Deals Lost: Track individual performance by monitoring the number of opportunities won or lost by each team member.
    • Financial Metrics: Compare estimated versus actual revenue by month to identify areas for improvement.
  • Sales Professional Summary Dashboard: Sales representatives can leverage this dashboard to monitor daily work-related numbers like:
    • Activities: Track the activities you’re working on to help you stay on top of your workload.
    • Sales Pipeline: Monitor open opportunities and leads to prioritize your efforts.
    • Opportunities: Stay informed about the latest developments with potential deals.
  • Sales Dashboard: This multi-stream dashboard allows for in-depth review and customization:
    • Visual Filters: Quickly focus on key metrics, such as opportunities by account or rating, to gain deeper insights.
    • Global Filters: Customize the view based on your specific needs and time frame.
    • Entity-Specific Actions: Take actions directly from the dashboard stream. Qualify leads, assign them to other users, or update information—all within the same screen.
  • Entity Dashboards: In addition, some dashboards display information specific to entities. These are available for Account, Contact, Lead, Opportunity, Quote, and Invoice entities. Remember, an entity is the same as a record type. For example, when you select Open Dashboard on the command bar in the list of opportunities, the Opportunities Dashboard will show.

Remember, these are just a starting point! The beauty of CRM dashboards lies in their ability to be customized. Whether you’re a manager, sales representative, or executive, CRM dashboards can empower you with real-time insights. Tailor dashboards to meet your specific business needs to help you expand pipeline visibility, streamline operations, and improve client satisfaction.

How FORVIS Can Help

Business Technology Solutions at FORVIS has certified partnerships with Salesforce, Microsoft, and other technology providers. We provide CRM and enterprise resource planning platform analysis, design, implementation, upgrade, training, and support services.

Now that you know more about CRM dashboards, what’s your next step? For help setting up dashboards or addressing any other CRM matters, our experienced technology consultants are ready to assist. We can help you strengthen your CRM strategy, enhance business workflows, and advance your organization’s digital transformation journey. Connect with us today to learn more.

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